Gift for newborn - the best ideas

The family of friends has grown. The newborn has already left the hospital and together with his newly mum is taking guests at home.
Wanting to please your little one, you are going to a store with a children's assortment, planning to buy a unique gift. Unfortunately, the choice will not always turn out to be the proverbial bull's-eye.

And although you had good intentions, the gift instead of bringing joy to the face of the child and his parents, will join the pile of unnecessary things. How do you guard against such an awkward situation? What is worth investing in? What gift for a newborn will be the best?

How well do you know your child's parents?

Primarily give up the thought of spontaneous shopping. It is worth to advise young parents in advance about the future gift, ask if they need a specific thing.

If friends or loved ones they respect ecological trends, don't try to make their kids happy with plastic toys or toddler clothes with the notorious inscription 'Keep away from fire' on the label.

And although parenting is associated with many changes, a real life revolution, traditionalists will like practical gifts, more modern ones will appreciate gadgets, while others will enjoy a lot of financial relief in form a huge cake made of disposable diapers.

A gift for a newborn - age-appropriate

When giving a baby a gift, follow the rule that he should be adapted to his predispositions and, above all, his age. A gift for a newborn baby is a gift for children marked as 0+, i.e. from birth.

A gift for a newborn baby should stimulate its development, belong to frequently used gadgets, or simply be a valuable souvenir. While a bit larger clothes sooner or later they will be pulled out of the bottom of the wardrobe and put on a small body, so giving a newborn baby a doll's house, an interactive booklet or a car garage is an exaggeration.

Also, consider whether buying a given gift for a newborn baby you are not guided by your own preferences, which, after all, do not have to coincide with the taste of the child's parents. In addition, the problem also covers another issue, viz storing things. Not everyone has a roomy attic, or basement that can accommodate both unnecessary and future items.

Practical solutions

If you are tempted to decor element of the baby's room, make sure it matches the concept that guided his parents while the room was being prepared.

A good idea may be carousel attached to the bed. Pay attention to whether it will "grow together with the toddler", whether it is possible to dismantle its individual elements, which melodies play (check the volume, duration of the songs, type - typical music or sounds of nature).

Or maybe soft blanket, sleeping bag trolley, bed linen? The child can also appreciate the tight and warm swaddles that will remind you of the moments spent in the stomach. You can also be tempted to buy a blanket on which the baby's name will be embroidered. The prices of these products will definitely not strain your wallet.

Young parents may be happy when they will receive a baby towel with a hood. It is also a good idea selection of an interesting light rattlethat the baby will have fun in 2-3 months or mascots with the music box activated after pulling the string. It is worth considering the choice MR-B, original toy and hot water bottle in one. The product is made of soft, pleasant to the touch plush, has a special salt insert, which after bending the stick heats to a temperature of 54 degrees Celsius. MR-B is used for fun, massage, heating a painful stomach. It was made carefully and interestingly!

Educational mat some children enjoy a lot, while others do not enjoy it at all. Therefore, when choosing a specific model, try to pay attention to he did not rub the trash, had safe, non-threatening to the baby's health and life elements and had subdued colors.

If the baby's parents are planning sleeping in one bedroom with a child, it is worth equipping them with a basket of Moses. It is not only light, handy and quick to disassemble, but it can also be carried without any problems, which gives the child a sense of security.

A gift for a newborn baby - a souvenir for years

Among the more and more popular souvenirs, there are also sets for making plaster casts of a foot or handle. Only a few years ago, newborns bought books in which parents documented the first year in the life of his child. The cards could have imprinted child's fingers or the mentioned foot. Gypsum gift allows you to create three-dimensional casts.

Young parents may also be useful Photo album: with a themed cover and a place for descriptions inside.

Other gift ideas for a newborn?

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