The second month of a child's life

The second month of a child's life

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"The body is amazing on the one hand and difficult to use on the other" - if your child could speak, he would certainly share this insight with you. Each day in the second month passes to the infant gaining the ability to control basic movements.

Appearance - the second month of life

In the end you can admire rightsstrange look of your child. Looking at the baby, you can see not the newborn, but the toddler, whose appearance does not bear signs of labor.

The skin is already in this period usually smooth, and all the pimples and rashes most likely went down in history. It is on the head less and less hair. If the baby had a lush head of hair, it can now look almost bald.

However, you will have to wait a little longer for the eye color to change. The child's iris are still characteristic of the newborn: for example, black. In about a month their color will change to the one that will be with the child for the rest of his life.

They are also changing baby movements which greatly affect its appearance and indirectly also its perception by the environment. They are no longer so nervous, they become more fluid and coordinated. The child seems calmer.

How fast does the baby grow in the second month?

The growth rate is of course individual matter, however, on average, at the end of the second month of the child's life, the girl weighs about 4.8 kilosgram and measures approx 56.5 centimeters. The head circumference of the girl at this time is average 38.5 centimeters.

However, the average boy weighs about 5.2 kilograms, has about 58 centimeters height and head circumference is 39 centimeters.

At that time, an infant takes on average 200 grams a week. However, between the first and third month the child grows up on average three centimeters per month (Growth within one centimeter to five is considered the norm).

Read if the baby eats.

What can surprise you?

    • Already such a small child can exult. When you approach the cot and make a nice sound to your ear, or simply start to speak warmly, in response it will begin to wave your arms and legs briskly. It is interesting that in such moments he makes movements similar to those performed when riding a bicycle: one leg pulled up, forces the other to go down.
    • During sleep, the child most of the time his head is turned to one side he prefers.