Pregnancy / Childbirth

Sex during pregnancy - sometimes you want to, and sometimes you sleep ...

When a woman finds out that she is pregnant, she usually changes her priorities quickly. Suddenly, her world is more and more focused around the navel and changes in these areas, less and less attention to what is around. The hormonal thunderstorm that she experiences every day has not only an impact on her appearance, but also on well-being, which in turn has a strict impact on the quality of sex life.

Estrogen - perpetrator of confusion

Most pregnancy revolutions, including those related to sex and intimacy with a partner, are due to them estrogenowi. During one pregnancy, a woman produces it more than the rest of your life when you're not pregnant. For one day, her body secretes him more than three years for women in the peri-menopausal period. This means a lot and simply obliges you to take a closer look at this topic.

The woman observes the most changes in the body usually in the second trimester. The first passes under the sign of drowsiness, nausea and sometimes vomiting, while the third is associated with considerable inconvenience associated with the blessed state. In the second trimester, however, a woman is usually full of strength, radiant and in a much better mood. This effect is, of course, due to the hormones that are secreted to support pregnancy.

In the second trimester, they usually come to the fore estrogen and progesterone (read more), which the body gets used to huge quantities. The result is a much more beautiful appearance for many women. All thanks to estrogen, which stimulates the blood vessels to use more nitric oxide, which allows to increase the lumen of arteries and arterioles. Increases blood supply to the child and at the same time to the skin, thanks to which it acquires a radiant appearance. Hair and nails are also becoming more beautiful.

Once yes, once yes ...

A pregnant woman is difficult to understand. Not only her partner has a problem with this, but also herself. In one moment she is able to give everything in a moment of love fulfillment, in the next she feels lumbering and extremely unattractive.
And again hormones are to blame, but not only: