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Throne - a one-time potty

What is the throne like? Irreplaceable. Really. I am very impressed.

No, not at first glance, because it looks quite ordinary: just a little cardboard and foil.

Simply? What am I writing? It doesn't look so amazing.

It's not nice, it's not particularly helpful, and yet ... it's worth having it.

Just test to say what I say.

You do not believe?

Even the greatest skeptic (I am fully aware of what I wrote - the greatest skeptic) will find that it is worth having the Throne on the alert: even if we would never use it. Just in case. Because it is different with children ...

Why the throne?

The disposable, portable potty is a simple and amazing solution. No one has ever managed to create a product that looks so inconspicuous and fulfills its function so perfectly.

It will serve us wherever pissing under a bush is out of the question and every time a toddler calls a "pile" away from home.

Three-year-old on the Throne

The biggest advantages

  • the throne is small: we can fit it in a purse or larger pocket,
  • is light
  • it can be quickly unfolded (it will take us two seconds - which matters when the baby just "wants"),
  • is intuitive to use,
  • is comfortable, as confirmed by our three year old,
  • it can withstand a pressure of 30 kilograms - we checked how it copes with 14.5 kilograms and the test has passed 100%,
  • is "roomy": I poured a full glass of water into it and nothing got wet or flew out,
  • in a few moments (about 30 seconds) the water in the footbridge turned into "granules" (in the photo), it was enough to fold the potty, you can turn it upside down and nothing fell out!

Throne agent before use


Throne after pouring water inside

  • the biggest downside in my opinion is that once unfolded the potty cannot be used a second time. Theoretically, it is difficult to call it a disadvantage, because the potty is disposable (such information is on the packaging), but I am already in a hurry to explain what the thing is .... Sometimes it may happen that a baby (especially the smaller one) will call a pee or poop, and after unfolding the potty "he will suddenly want" and will be ready to settle his needs the second or third time .... Then after folding the potty we may have a problem with its unfolding so that sitting on it is comfortable.
  • the downside may also be the price: PLN 9.

Insert after pouring water inside

Despite the slight inconvenience in my opinion, I highly recommend the product.

The cost of 9 zlotys.

Where can you buy the product?