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Bath bucket - or "a child like a cucumber in a jar"?

Bath bucket - or "a child like a cucumber in a jar"?

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A bathing bucket is a bizarre idea for many. Comparable to sealing children in cucumber jars. Opponents often mock, recommending supporters of fashionable buckets to try bathing in such a small space themselves. They can't believe that "this invention" can be worth the money. They also often complain about straining the child's spine. Meanwhile, on the other hand, there are other voices saying that a bath bucket is the best way to cure and cry while bathing. Is this really an impossible end?

Opinion paid by producers?

We live in a world today when producers who want to sell a product often use unfair tactics. One of the leading is the attempt to influence the opinions of experts. And so doctors get free holidays, packages for the family, nurses and midwives in addition to smiles from sales representatives are also gifted with less expensive or more exclusive products. Of course, not everyone can be approached like this, but there is no shortage of attempts and effective "fishing". The more effective, the more important the "need to repay" principle becomes more important. So when experts are encouraged, let's call it "giveaway" their independence, and at the same time just judgment becomes fiction. The more that the expensive little thing reminds you that they owe someone something. The principle of reciprocity, old as the world, works ...

For a healthy mind ... I'm personally wondering about the price of bath buckets. It already makes me stop the phenomenon of this invention and be more critical of it. Let's compare: an average bath tub costs about 20-30 zlotys. After all, it's just a bit of plastic ... On the other hand, a bucket, which in terms of form sophistication and design complexity does not differ from an average bath tub, costs ... about 90 zlotys, which is four times as much!

In addition, the manufacturer does not stop at this and urges you to buy a special stand for the bucket, costing about PLN 100. So a bath set we have for about 200 zlotys. Of course, instead of a branded bucket, we can buy a regular bucket (cost around 10 zlotys), put it on an ordinary stool used at home (without additional costs). However, at the same time there will be voices of indignation that the "brand bucket" has a special shape, form, etc. Sure, you can agree with that. However, with the price as from space it is not quite ...

Well ... Well, what do parents most often complain about in the context of bath buckets?

Bucket for one child only

Of course, when a child bathes in a prone position, the tub also has the same limitations as the bucket. However, when the children are sitting, we will not bathe the twins in a bucket at one time. Yes, in the bathtub.

No toys

In addition, bathing in the bucket is limited due to the possibility of putting toys. When a child enters the tub with a duck, all he can do is admire the water ...

Good or bad position?

The child cannot easily pull out the legs. Which is a plus for some, a minus for others. The positioning of the child also raises a lot of emotions. Some indicate that it is physiological, because similar to that in the prenatal period. However, they forget that the child immersed in the fetal water was fully (also the head was, what is natural in "water"). We have a different situation in the bucket ... That's why it's difficult to talk about the child's natural arrangement. Just a brief reminder from physics to realize that the head is a burden for the other parts of the body. And although it is recommended to support the head in younger babies while bathing in a bucket, this solution is not convincing for some experts. Mainly due to the negative effect on the spine. To be fair, you have to admit that opinions on this subject are strongly divided.

A problem with washing the head

When bathing in a bathtub, all you have to do is put the baby down, leaning slightly and the hair is rinsed. However, washing the head in a bucket is definitely more difficult in this respect.

However, not only washing your head is considered problematic. Many people who have used the bucket admit that it is difficult to reach all corners of the body, the area under the knees, and especially the bottom. Opponents of this method even point out that a child can be soaked in a bucket, not washed. Some mothers emphasize that when bath liquid is poured, the water turns white and you cannot see what is washed and how to wash.

The child is growing up quickly

Most people who have a bath bucket use it for a maximum of six to eight months. Some end their story with a bucket around the age of 4 months. Pretty soon, admit it? When the child begins to stand up, the pail usually becomes useless.

On the other hand ... some children love to take a bucket bath. Parents find this product beneficial. They emphasize that it takes up little space and is practical. Does this delight work like a placebo? On the basis of a parent convinced to the invention (who has a considerable expense behind him), will his child be convinced with peace? After all, it is known for a long time that small children perfectly read their parents' emotions ...

So what's the truth behind the bathing bucket? Is highlighting its advantages a marketing specialists' treatment, the result of expensive advertising, or maybe a bucket is a really good product?


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