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Unrestrained vomiting of pregnant women - how to survive a difficult time?

Pregnancy is a great test for the female body. During its duration there are many changes, the occurrence of which is associated with side effects. One of them is the inefficient vomiting of pregnant women, i.e. vomiting during pregnancy in the maximum version, extremely burdensome and sometimes dangerous. How to recognize them and how to fight them? Are there simple ways to mute them?

What are inertial vomiting of pregnant women?

Unrestrained vomiting of pregnant women is known by the term hyperemesis gravidarum, HG. These are not commonly known morning sickness, which affect up to 80% of future mothers, but disease.

It is estimated that he is suffering from vomit about 3% pregnant. They stand out very increased intensity and presence of ketone bodies in urine. Their course is so dynamic that they often lead to a shortage of important nutrients and vitamins, especially from group B, which can have an adverse effect on fetal development. In addition, they can cause anemia, dehydration, weight loss and general exhaustion, malaise and poor physical condition.

Because of this, pregnant women suffering from uncontrollable vomiting most often require hospitalization.

When do unruly vomiting occur in future mothers?

The problem usually develops in 4-10 weeks of pregnancy. The first symptoms must be observed before 16 weeks of pregnancy to detect uncontrollable vomiting.

The first signs of unrestrained vomiting are thirst, dry skin, mucous membranes, tongue. Then observed unpleasant smell from the mouth, increased body temperature and darker urine. Other symptoms are headache, and in extreme cases even delirium.

How is restrained vomiting diagnosed?

Inappropriate vomiting is diagnosed by a doctor based on the symptoms. It is necessary interviewing as well as basic blood and urine tests. In addition, execution is commissioned tests of thyroid hormones, liver enzymes, chorionic gonadotropin levels. The doctor also checks if the cause of persistent vomiting is not other abnormality, e.g. pancreatitis or cholecystitis.

What is the cause of unsuccessful vomiting in pregnant women?

Most often, uncontrollable vomiting occurs:

  • in a multiple pregnancy,
  • in case of obesity,
  • excessive production of HCG, i.e. chorionic gonadotropin,
  • with hypothyroidism,
  • corpus luteum dysfunction,
  • in women with similar problems in previous pregnancies,
  • feeling fear of pregnancy and childbirth,
  • living under stress
  • suffering from depression.

Treatment of uncontrolled pregnant vomiting

The treatment of unrestrained pregnant vomiting is unfortunately not the simplest, usually symptomatic treatment is used. Importantly, the disease should not be underestimated. This can lead to many serious consequences.

Although many future moms are tired of vomiting and often refuse to eat, this is not the best choice. To ensure your child has all the important nutrients, you should pay attention to your diet. It should be light and varied. It is recommended to eat more often, reaching for smaller portions.

Usually it is necessary to go to the hospital and remain under the watchful eye of a specialist. Women most often get vitamins and minerals as well as anti-emetics.