Pregnancy / Childbirth

Pregnancy calendar, or pregnancy week by week

Pregnancy is the period from conception until delivery. The first date is usually difficult to see, so the duration of pregnancy is contractually calculated from on the first day of your last period (some consider the implantation of a fertilized egg in the wall of the uterus as the beginning of pregnancy).

Then the future mother and the father of the child go through a time of dynamic change known as pregnancy week by week, or a wonderful period of growth of a small person in the womb. In this beautiful and at the same time difficult time there are many revolutions, each week brings something new, which is why, to describe these changes, pregnancy is usually described by using weeks rather than months - week by week pregnancy is better described than from a 9 month perspective.

Don't know which week you are in? Take a look at our pregnancy week calculator and calculate it in a few seconds!

When I am born - a question for all future mothers

Based on the first day of the last monthly bleeding, the doctor calculates date of delivery. This during nine months may change with the observation of the woman's body, the development of pregnancy, and especially the changes that occur in the mother's abdomen - in the child.

After each ultrasound examination the estimated termination date may be different. However, the child ultimately decides about the date of delivery. The term pregnancy is considered to be the one in which delivery takes place in week 40 + - 2 weeks. Go to the birth calculator and see when you can expect the baby to be born.

Pregnancy calendar - divided into three trimesters of pregnancy

We divide pregnancy into three trimesters.

Every trimester is three months, during which the fetus develops dynamically and the mother's body undergoes changes.

Week by week pregnancy usually progresses rapidly in the assessment of future mothers, although for many women the third trimester can be particularly long and difficult because of the discomfort caused by the growing tummy.

This is primarily due to the expectation of a child, great hopes and fear at the same time related to childbirth. That is why the expectant mother naturally measures simultaneously with stress and anxiety - how will her body react, will she manage during delivery (read - fear of delivery) and will she be a young mother.

It accompanies these anxieties at the same time feeling that you can't wait to see the baby. The last 4 weeks of pregnancy because of this can be so long that impatience is usually visible at first glance, during this period the problem with mood swings and the transition from one mood to another may increase, tearfulness and nervousness are typical. Our author writes about this period as a "memory of eternity" - read.

Before the zero hour strikes - delivery

However, before you go to the hospital for delivery, be well prepared for this event. In this article you will read - how to prepare the body and mind for natural childbirth, if you are wondering whether it is better to opt for birth by Caesarean section - see this article and get rid of doubts.

Start a journey with us after each trimester and weeks of pregnancy, find out what's going on with your body and what's going on with Baby. Prepare for delivery with us! Week by week pregnancy - this is a guide during an amazing, unique waiting period for your treasure.