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New Year's Eve with children - sleeping before midnight or maybe fun?

When New Year's Eve with children is said, many people have a drama. I mock and not play. Because how to play with babies or babies? After all, a child has its own needs: drink and eat, it gets tired quickly, you can't go out everywhere, you need to consider the whole list of variables. And then alcohol. Drinking with a child is a controversial topic. Because it's better not to do it. However, on this occasion, adults want to have fun in their own way, also toast to desire not to drink milk, but sparkling wine or something stronger .... You can not?

Can New Year's Eve with children be successful?

New Year's Eve with children - where?

Not everyone has the opportunity to leave children for New Year's Eve with grandmother, grandfather, aunt or babysitter. Sometimes parents can spend this special night only with children. And what in this situation? Does New Year's Eve with children exclude the possibility of fun?

It turns out that no ...

There are different options:

  • family trip - for example in the mountains and spending New Year's Eve in an active way, for example, choosing a holiday package for several days
  • going to the ball, in which games for children are organized - usually an animator plays in the next room with the children, when the children have no more strength to play, they are provided with a room where they sleep under the watchful eye of a babysitter - the cost of such fun with a few days stay varies from 800 to 3000 PLN depending on the chosen place of rest and offered attractions,
  • local initiatives - unfortunately, it's difficult, but there are New Year's Eve parties organized locally in schools, club rooms and classrooms for families with children. They are usually prepared by groups of well-known people, so joining this game is done by "pulling" into the group by a friend who participated in the fun.
  • domówki - here there is freedom depending on the housing conditions. There are many ways to have fun in homes by organizing a ball for adults and children side by side.

New Year's Eve with children - when?

Although night New Year's balls are organized, which are prepared for children from 4 to 12 years old, not everyone is interested in them. Most are planned during parents' play hours, for example from 19 to 1 or 3 hours, which not everyone likes, because not all children are "night owls". There is no shortage of those that simply can not stand for so long on their feet.

A much more popular proposition are various events organized on New Year's Eve in the afternoon or morning hours and so, for example:

  • Tropical New Year's Eve is organized in the Palm House in Poznań for children from 11 to 13.00
  • the New Year's Eve Concert is organized at the Krakow Opera at 18.00 and 21.30.

Some New Year's meetings take place on December 30, as is the case at the Baj Pomorski Theater in Toruń, where at 12 and 16.30 you can watch the show "Pinocchio", then we will serve refreshments and a glass of non-alcoholic champagne for children.

New Year's Eve with children - some ideas

Half the battle is a good idea. Therefore, instead of counting on improvisation, it's worth having something up your sleeve.

Here are the things to keep in mind:

  • lots of balloons - you can't go without them, New Year's Eve must take place in a beautifully decorated room,
  • a disco light bulb brings a great effect,
  • a necessary element - it's music connecting generations :)
  • it is worth considering organizing a New Year's Eve party, costumes are presented by children and adults,
  • plan the games well allowing competition between families,
  • and ... simple integration games

And how about alcohol?

The law is unambiguous. The person caring for the child should not be under the influence of alcohol. Even if he "does not get drunk" and "culturally" consumes alcohol and at the occasion of New Year's Eve he may hear the accusation of exposing the child to loss of health or life.

Unfortunately, in this case it does not matter if the parent drinks occasionally or systematically. In addition, it doesn't take much for the police to get interested. The child does not have to get hurt. It is enough to report by a third party or control in a public place to which officers are entitled. On the other hand, theory and practice. Just as police officers do not react to alcohol consumption in a public place during New Year's party, so you do not have to be afraid of the consequences if you drink a few glasses of wine (Article 106 Code of Offenses says about punishing a parent or guardian of a child up to 7 years old exposed to a threatening situation his life and health, the perpetrator may be fined).

Nevertheless, it is safest to make an appointment of who consumes alcohol on a given evening .... It's good to approach the subject coldly, sensibly.