Parental hits

Euro-Cart Infinity Lira 4 pushchair

There are few good prams. Not to mention that very few are very good. Fortunately, this stroller works quite well. It is not without its disadvantages, but the advantages far outweigh all its limitations. Therefore, despite the fact that I belong to people who are hard to please, I can recommend this model of a stroller.


Euro-Cart Lira is a very popular stroller. Although Tako strollers are also very popular, this one in comparison to them, owes its popularity to more conscious choices of young parents. After all, buying a stroller, not a three-in-one stroller, usually as moms, we know what we want.


Choosing a stroller, I was primarily looking for a pram low weight. The Lira 4 stroller has caught my eye since it's light. With a declared weight of 6 kilograms, he could be lifted from the first floor virtually without major problems, also for a long time with his daughter inside. On the other hand, producers should be threatened with an inaccurate finger. Few people know that the weight of the trolley is given without additions: a shopping basket, raincoat, leg covers, and often even without a booth. As a consequence, it turns out that the actual weight of the Euro-Cart is not measured at 6 kg, but even 9 kg.

Poor access to the basket

Unfortunately, this is another stroller in which the manufacturer did not ensure adequate access to the basket. This one is quite troublesome. Possible, but it could be definitely better. Difficulties are already in the sitting position of the backrest, not to mention what happens when the seat is stretched out.

Jamming brake

It is also not good because of a jamming brake. Often, something was scratching down there. People with longer legs can have a problem with accidentally applying the brake, which causes the wheelchair to stop suddenly. Unfortunately, over time it also becomes (as it is in our case) skipping the button to activate the stroller, which is quite annoying with prolonged use of this stroller model.

Inconvenient handles

For tall people: I am 172 cm tall, driving a stroller in shoes with small heels can be quite uncomfortable. The husband (190cm), while pushing this stroller, has to slouch in a rather comical way.

The manufacturer did not take care of the handles, which are uncomfortable, hard and quite coarse in handling. They are also badly profiled, which makes the driveway under the curb difficult, and moving on uneven terrain is also not a pleasure.

Practical raincover

The stroller also has a zip closure. When it suddenly starts to rain, this does not work. You have to focus hard to cover your child. In addition, the zipper construction is quite a risky solution. In our case, it was enough to use it several times to make the film useless (we bought a universal film thrown on the trolley). Instead of serving us, we just threw her out.

Shallow shed

The downside is also a shallow booth, which definitely does not protect against external factors.

There are also pluses

The stroller is relatively cheap (about PLN 500). It is available in many colors. We can easily get it in stationary and online stores. It has a convenient pocket for small items.

Cleaning is not a problem. It is possible to prepare the stroller so that it can serve us even on a hot day. Breathable meshes are great. The foot protector also allows you to use the stroller in winter. Due to the fact that the seat is quite deep, the toddler is well protected against the negative influence of external factors.

The advantage is also easy folding (with almost one hand) and small dimensions that allow you to transport the trolley even in a small car.

The stroller has a comfortable reclining backrest (almost to a lying position). You can handle it with one hand. No noiseless actually. A child can sleep in the pram and watch the world go by.

For younger children, the footrest could be raised. Older children can ride with the footrest down. There is also a frame, comfortably detachable and five-step belts.

The stroller can be operated with one hand without major problems.

There is a window in the booth where the daughter loves to look, looking at what is going on with the person who drives the stroller.

The Euro-Car Lira 4 can easily replace an umbrella. In any case, we are not planning to buy it ...

Durability is not perfect, but despite continuous use for over a year, the stroller is still "doing well". Certainly will serve another child.

Despite the disadvantages, I recommend the stroller. Due to the fairly strict requirements, I can include him in the group of parental hits.