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Captain Science - sets for 100 preschoolers with Fox Fisher

Captain Science - sets for 100 preschoolers with Fox Fisher

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Science cannot be boring today. With such a huge selection of different products dedicated to children, it is a real pleasure that can be repeated indefinitely. How? For example, by choosing Captain Science sets consisting of reusable task cards. Thanks to the special pen, once solved tasks, you can erase and repeat fun as often as you like.

Captain Science is a set of task sets for children of different ages. We checked one of them "100 games with Fox Fisher", which is dedicated to 5-6 year olds. In the box you will find a task book and 36 washable cards. The tasks are prepared so that they worked great both during the fun of our 5.5-year-old tester, as well as the 3-year-olds (here you can choose from several cards available).

Fox Fis and his Friend :)

The tasks are varied in form and difficulty. They are all decorated with great, original drawings. According to the manufacturer's description: "Exercises prepared by experienced educators support graphomotor development and prepare for learning to write."

100 games with Fox it's great fun and:
- exploring the world of nature (some tasks are also quite surprising for little experts in the world of nature),
- counting in the range of 10 (which can be not a big challenge for 5-6 year olds),
- playing with geometric figures,
- vocabulary enrichment,
- preparation for learning to write.

The only thing we lacked in the set is a special sponge to wipe the cards. In addition, no reservations. We recommend!

Price: PLN 34.90