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National Large Family Card - a good idea?

National Large Family Card - a good idea?

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The National Large Family Card is a proposal created by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy for families with at least three children (regardless of income). The card is issued free of charge to each family member. Parents can use the card for life, and children up to 18 years of age or until graduation. The card provides a system of discounts and additional rights that can be used throughout the country.

It has been operating for over a month. Is he passing the exam?

What does the nationwide Big Family Card give us?

Certainly cheaper entrances to museums, cinemas, as well as PKP transport journeys (the card offers a 25% discount, but only when purchasing a ticket for a minimum of three people. Discount for the purchase of the annual REGIOcard - a program involving travel by trains of five carriers - are also offered by Regional Transport ). This is beyond doubt. Unfortunately, the offer ends so far. In the tourism section we will find several items that could be considered "exclusive", in which holidays are calculated in thousands of zlotys per week. Thanks to KDR, we can do cheaper shopping in ... Alma Market (one of the more expensive grocery stores), Vistula and Kruk. As you can see, there is a missing item from the list of "first needs". It's not every day you buy jewelry or a suit. Is the Big Family Card a good idea?

Marzena Kąkała (Association of Large Families of Warsaw and Mazovia): The National Large Family Card is a good idea, but not in its current state. The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy does not know what the needs of large families are. We are waiting for offers closer to our needs. At present, approximately 100,000 applications have been submitted. families for 3/4 million is not much, considering that this possibility has existed for over a month.

How much does the nationwide Large Family Card really save an average family?

M.K: The main source of considerable savings lies in purchases, mainly of food. The problem is that this part of the program did not work out. It is not worth commenting on it because it is addressed to the richest families, which constitute a fraction. However, on visits to museums, the savings are negligible, because it is not a product of first need.

What instead of the Big Family Card?

Considering that work on the National Large Family Card took several years and its effects are mediocre, I would not think about another solution. I think that KDR needs to be refined so that using them will save families with many children.

The Big Family Card is a great idea so far, the implementation of which leaves much to be desired ... It's a pity, because that was not the idea ...

For now, our assessment is unambiguous - weak, oh poor ...