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Music for children - what will be the best?

Music soothes manners, entertains adults, helps children relax, it is not surprising that its power is recommended to use from the first days of life of the baby, and even earlier - before delivery, when the baby is in the mother's stomach. What music for children should be selected in the first months of life, and which will appeal to older children? Is it better to bet on classic sounds, joyful notes sung by children's bands from years ago, or maybe today's proposals?

Music for children - what about the "tummy"?

The latest discoveries of researchers do not remain illusions - music for children in the tummy is not as important as expected. Despite this, it is worth including it in order to strengthen the bond between the mother and the unborn child and to stimulate the development of the baby, as well as to improve the conditions in which she lives. There are quite a few benefits.

It turns out that music for children can have a great impact on your mood adults. By releasing endorphins, it decides about the pleasure of the child in the womb. ATa calm and relaxed fetus receives positive vibrations and experiences what their mother experiences.

However, there is a trap in this mechanism - if a woman does not feel satisfaction from listening to music for children, then the baby will not experience it.

Music for children - what to include in an infant?

What will be the right music for children just born, babies?

Gentle, calm rhythms that sound in the background and are not too loud. Experts especially recommend baroque works, mainly Bach or Vivaldi - available for regular sale. We do not have to decide on specially decorated covers, packaging addressed to parents, because the content does not differ from that dedicated to other adults.

Music for Bobas Raimond Lap is a special place in the category of classical music, which not only calms, relaxes and makes it easier to fall asleep, but also provides sounds ideal for fun and active leisure. The compositions are woven into the sounds of nature, animals, people that make it more attractive and make listening to it even more enjoyable.

Music for children - for preschoolers

The role of music increases when children enter preschool age, when they understand the words of songs, repeat them, try to sing. Here, the musical tastes are very diverse, several-year-olds like film music (e.g. from "Ice Land"), accompanying fairy tales on TV, but also music bands from years ago - Fasolek, Mr. Tik Taka and currently released compilations, for example Mini Mini Fish in a version for listening, listening and watching music videos. A separate department creates religious music for children.

They are very popular music channels for children, because they are particularly convenient, they share many songs with one click. Most are completely free, but you have to reckon with ads interrupting music.

And what music do you choose for children?