Pregnancy / Childbirth

How to increase the chance of becoming pregnant?

The dream of becoming a parent is extremely strong for many people. His appearance is difficult to ignore, so often recognition of this feeling has a natural consequence in the form of starting to conceive. When the first attempts have no effect, the question arises - how to increase the chance of getting pregnant? What to do to finally see the two lines desired?

Not always express

There are pairs who, almost immediately from the start of the trials, are able to father a child. There are also those that have to wait a little longer. Unfortunately, experts are not able to fully answer the question - why one takes a month or several, and the other tests last for years. Although it is true about We know a lot of fertility, many issues are still a mystery. Still, there are ways to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

It is helpful to look at your lifestyle and try to change it.

How to increase the chance of becoming pregnant? Get enough sleep

Today we give up sleep for many pleasures, and also to have time for ourselves. After a busy, busy day, we often choose a hobby, spend a nice time, delaying the moment of going to sleep. This, unfortunately, has an adverse effect on our health and fertility.

It turns out that the body needs at least 7-8 hours to ensure proper functioning of the endocrine system and it simply cannot be overcome. In this respect, adequate sleep times are also very important - it's important to take care of your regularity and lie down at the same time.

Find a way to relieve stress and anxiety

Unfortunately, too high anxiety levels or constant stress do not have a beneficial effect on health. It causes a revolution in the endocrine system, which leads to fertility disorders. That is why it is so important to find the right methods for yourself to relax and reduce internal tension. Read more about the effects of stress on fertility.

Set aside the carbonated drinks

You are what you eat ... and drink.

Research from 2012 showed quite surprising effect of colorful carbonated drinks on woman's fertility. It turns out that women who drink two or more glasses of colorful gas beverages have fertility rate up to 16% lower than women who do not reach for such drinks.

Optimal weight - neither too little nor too much

Both being underweight as well as being overweight has a negative impact on fertility - in men and women. That is why it is so important to take care of proper weight indications to provide your body with the best conditions for fertilization, and for men - to ensure the right amount of good sperm, capable of fertilization.

Stop smoking and don't drink alcohol

Not only the expectant mother should stop smoking, but also the man - her partner. If you're looking for a way to increase your chances of getting pregnant, this is the right advice. Cigarettes reduce the amount of sperm and have an adverse effect on their mobility, it is worth getting rid of addictions. The situation is similar with alcohol. Read: alcohol and fertility - what are the facts.

Take care of healthy teeth and gums

All inflammation, also those inconspicuous within the mouth are worrying. They can adversely affect fertility, so you should ensure that your teeth are healthy and the gums are strong and function properly. Studies have shown that oral problems can extend the time to apply for a baby by up to 2 months. Therefore, if you are thinking about how to increase the chance of becoming pregnant - just make sure that your teeth are healthy and strong.

Pull your partner away from the TV

How to increase the chance of becoming pregnant? Talk to your partner if he spends a lot of time in front of the television or computer monitor. In 2013, it was shown that men sitting in front of the receiver more than 20 hours a week have a sperm count 44% lower than those who occasionally spent time in front of the screen.

Exercise in a moderate way

Being fit is fashionable today, but not straining your body anymore.

A study was done, during which it was proved that vigorous sporting 5 hours a week or more by as much as 42% reduces the chance of pregnancy relatively to those who do not train so intensively. Physical activity is indicated, but moderate and not burdening the body.

Or is it celiac disease?

Fertility problems are a common symptom unrecognized and uncontrolled celiac disease diet. Research at Columbia University suggests that up to 6% of women with unexplained fertility problems suffer from permanent gluten intolerance. In their body they produce antibodies that block placental development.

Unfortunately, often celiac disease is not easy to diagnose, especially in adults, blood tests may not show a problem, and gastroscopy is not always done. However, it is worth considering this option, especially if autoimmune diseases occur in the family.