38 weeks pregnant

The next stage is behind you! At 38 weeks of pregnancy you can give birth and it will give birth on timeand pregnancy will be called full-term pregnancy. This does not mean, of course, that labor will start now. This child will decide when it's ready to be born.

Only 5% of deliveries take place on the day appointed by the doctor at the first pregnancy visit. Other children come in different weeks of pregnancy. Mostly within a month of the deadline: two weeks before him and two weeks after him.

Childbirth will surprise you anyway! This great day will come faster than you think!


The baby looks exactly like it was at the time of delivery. It already delightful little baby, with pink skin, beautiful eyelashes and eyelashes. Some babies already have long nails that they can scratch after birth. Get ready now small gloves (non-stick feet) and buy scissors or nail clippers.

The child weighs more than 3200 g and is about 5 cm (plus or minus a centimeter or two). However, for a toddler to be ready to "pose" for numerous photos, he must refine some "details". It remains for him to shed the skin-protecting fetal ointment and the remains of lanugo. He still has time to create the necessary surfactant, a substance whose task is to prevent the alveoli from sticking together and stick to each other during breathing.

Although the toddler is hunched, he is in a fetal position with his legs heavily curled up, trying to stretch, although it has little space in my mother's stomach.


You can prepare for childbirth, listening to relaxing music. The way to relax you can be a gentle back massage made by a loved one.

Observe your body, but do not worry about the supply and discuss any doubts with your doctor. For example, you can observe at home denser, with more mucus vaginal discharge. Sometimes, you can also see blood streaks in it (especially after intercourse or gynecological examination). This is usually a sign of the widening of the uterus.

They can be a little embarrassing for you gas and bloating and tendency to faint.

A good way that in many cases allows you to save crotch during labor is massaging the vagina by preparing it for extreme stretching (read more about episiotomy during delivery). How to do such a massage? Wash your hand and inserting a finger into the vagina, compress its sides, gently massaging the walls. This way you will prepare your crotch for stretching and you may avoid cutting.

Are you afraid that you will ignore the symptoms of the upcoming delivery? Get to know them!

What is worth remembering?

Even though you are a pregnant woman, you have the right to receive medical treatment without presenting confirmation insurance fact get everything needed documents (ID and certificate of being insured). In many hospitals, you will be asked for these documents in the emergency room.
Current test results and blood test results are equally important. Pack everything in one place, and preferably store it immediately in a bag that you will take with you for childbirth.

Observe the movements of the fetus. The most important thing is for you to feel that the baby is moving. Don't worry that your child's activity is different from what you got used to. It's natural that babies at this stage are fidgeting more than copies. It has less and less space.

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From mom's diary

Something hurts and hurts me everywhere. I feel a little more and my hormones will explode. I don't feel like any social gatherings. Though encouragements come from every side, alternating with stupid questions when I give birth. If I knew it myself, this time would not last so long and I would not have to leave the house alone. Somehow I don't believe that my delivery will last for hours and everything will go in a book. Life always surprises me.

I try to silence my finish exercises we were taught at birthing school. Unfortunately, it turned out that half of them I just don't remember anymore. I can see myself with my child hugged to my chest and sweetly dreaming. However, childbirth is still beyond my imagination. He remains in the sphere of denial. First there is a belly, then it is gone and there is a child. This is how it looks in my head.

Worse with the heads of other people who look at me with pity or compassion. However, when I hear the word childbirth, I close myself in and don't listen to unnecessary stories. I also hear them less often because I don't actually leave the house anymore. Now I want to be alone. In the house at home, relax and wait for Little when she decides to see the world from a different angle.

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