Pregnancy / Childbirth

Signs of pregnancy that you never ignore

Some women look forward to the first signs of pregnancy, while others, especially those who are not planning a pregnancy, are terrified when the symptoms indicate that they are different. However, in this article we will not include the latter group, quite numerous and important, we will write about the symptoms of pregnancy, which may indicate some irregularities. It is worth remembering about them and when they appear, see a doctor. These pregnancy symptoms should never be ignored, a quick response is recommended.

Signs of pregnancy: severe headaches in pregnancy

Headache is usually pregnant is not dangerous. However, when he is strong and accompanies the woman for two hours and longer, it can be a signal hypertension. Sometimes pregnant happen migraine attacks, although usually women who have previously faced this characteristic headache in pregnancy notice a decrease in its intensity in pregnancy (read more about migraines in pregnancy).

It is worth checking the headaches, do we have normal blood pressure and in case of irregularities contact your doctor. Too high blood pressure during pregnancy can lead to preeclampsia. Read how to measure your blood pressure correctly during pregnancy.

Headache accompanied by visual disturbance requires immediate contact with a doctor.

Signs of pregnancy: bleeding during pregnancy

About 1/4 future mums notes bleeding at the beginning of pregnancy. They usually resemble spotting and appear in a light pink vaginal mucus. Most accompany the woman for one or two days, and almost all end at 13-14 weeks of pregnancy.

Although it is not usually dangerous to bleed in pregnancy, always inform your doctor. In addition, if it accompanies him abdominal pain, especially very painful, cramps, malaise, and bleeding is heavy with shreds of blood, you must immediately go to the emergency room.

Weakness of fetal movements in pregnancy

Although sometimes a child at some time it becomes calmer, this clear weakening of the baby's movements after 24 weeks of pregnancy should alert the future mother. Try to lie on your left side and eat something or drink fruit juice. If the child still does not move, contact a doctor immediately.