29th week of pregnancy

29th week of pregnancy

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Many doctors at this stage of pregnancy recommend that you report to them every two weeks (although this is not the rule). Most of them who choose to do so will ask you to visit them from the eighth month once a week.


The baby's body is focused on lung maturationthat will soon be ready for independent work. In addition, each day is also time for storage of essential fat tissue, allowing you to maintain a proper body temperature after birth. It's a really big skill, the child has a few weeks to learn. At this point, body fat is about 2-3% of the whole body weight. All this makes the toddler look very much like the little man you'll see in a few weeks.
An additional achievement observed this week is the ability to focus on one point and the ability to blink.

Baby this week It weighs approximately 1250 grams on average and measures 27 cm (37 cm straight legs). In the next 11 weeks, the weight of the child will at least double. The baby is getting tighter in his stomach, which is why his movements are also changing. They look more like pushing (legs and elbows) than violent stunts from a few weeks ago.


Pregnancy is a period of real change. Do not be surprised that during its duration will feel constant fluctuation of mood. On the one hand, you feel a great euphoria, you are glad that you will have a baby you will love immeasurably, on the other, you fear that you will not manage and that your life will change so much that you will not be able to find yourself in it.

At night you can have problems with sleeping, caused by the increased activity of the toddler, which for many women does not allow night rest. Therefore, whenever you have such a possibility, rest.

You have already chosen name for baby? This is a very important decision. Be sure to read!

What is worth remembering?

The more advanced the pregnancy, the smaller the amount of amniotic fluid. In the early stages, when thanks to him you did not feel the kicks of the baby, now because of his natural wear, you feel every sudden movement in a very specific way.

If additionally because of the growing belly they tease you severe backache, you can relieve yourself by choosing a professional massage at the physiotherapist. Ball exercises can also help (read more)

It would be good if you would pay attention to teeth condition. If something worries you, go to the dentist who will fix the cavities. After delivery, you may have a problem with finding time to visit a specialist's office.

From mom's diary

I decided to deal with the last defect I had left. The dentist the bounty hunter did not use anesthesia. With a smile on his face (do dentists always have to smile so artificially?) He explained that anesthesia is more dangerous than stress caused by removing the defect "live". "Because you never know how the body will react and it's better not to go for too far-reaching solutions." I agree, nodding yes, because I don't really know what to do. If it is to be better for a child, then so be it. If I were younger I would get a badge. Summa summarum, I had to settle for my own satisfaction and tick off a visit to the dentist on the list of things to do before giving birth. One thing dropped out, which gives me satisfaction and pride.

At night it becomes harder and harder to find a comfortable sleeping position. I cover myself with several pillows to regenerate my strength and be able to enjoy unbelievably clear and real dreams.

We start school at the birthing school. Classes are free, which explains everything. We want to give up when it turns out that the group is too big and someone has to leave to leave room for others. Ultimately, we decide to stay, maybe this is how we will be better prepared for delivery. The most important thing for us is visiting the ward, delivery room and obstetrics ... and it is simply simpler with the birthing school.

From dad's diary

This school of birth is one big misunderstanding, but I don't say it out loud because I know she cares. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that we won't find out anything interesting, on the contrary: we will only lose time ... But what is not done. I will sit even if I would rather spend this time in a better way.

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