Pregnancy / Childbirth

How to change the buttock position of the child?

There are many explanations for the incorrect positioning of the child (most often the reason is incorrect pelvis structure or multiple pregnancy - lack of space to turn the head down, sometimes also slower development of the middle ear, which affects the development of the sense of balance) called as pelvic longitudinal (gluteal) position.

Fortunately, there are home methods that help your child turn and position themselves correctly.

Baby buttock position - swinging hips

We do this exercise lying down, leaning on your hands and feet, bending your spine and gently swaying your pelvis. Then lie down flat and do thirty repetitions several times a day.

How to change the gluteal position of the child - change of center of gravity

To change the gluteal position, it is recommended to do exercises to change the center of gravity. You should kneel to the ground, resting on your elbows. It is worth using the help of a partner who will protect you during the exercise. Doctors point out that changing the way gravity works can help a child change position.

Child's buttock positioning - medical assistance

Sometimes an attempt to change the position of a child can be made by a doctor, massaging the mother's belly in such a way that the baby can turn around. An experienced doctor monitoring a baby on an ultrasound screen and checking how the heart is working is able to perform this procedure safely and effectively.

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