Primavika vegetable pate with chickpeas

Putting this pate into the basket in the store, I had mixed feelings. I rarely taste finished pies (not prepared at home). And when I shake my nose, there is no point even trying to serve children. I tried to hide my feelings several times, but they reacted very clearly and the debut had to be considered unsuccessful.

This time, surprisingly, the case was quite different. Pate Primavika with chickpeas, which I later read on the website, is recommended for children, it tastes quite good. It is delicate and smells nice. For this has a very nice composition:

water, chickpeas * 35%, carrots * 21%, sunflower oil *, onion * 7%, celery* 7%, parsley * 7%, native corn starch, spices * (contain soybeans), sea salt, leek * 1.4%, thickener: guar gum, antioxidant: ascorbic acid = vitamin C.
* - ecological raw materials.

Plus, there is no sugar in the pate. The pate is also gluten free.

170 grams of product - about PLN 4.

I think that from time to time he will be at our table.

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