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Allergy-free Easter - how to prepare traditional food for an allergy sufferer?

The smell of sour rye soup, eggs, cheesecake, down baby means that Easter is almost here. And no one can imagine Christmas without all these delicacies. And yet ... there are those who are wondering what they will take to Christmas. I am thinking of allergy sufferers who need to be careful: in both preparing and eating holiday treats. Does this mean that they will have to do without taste? No, if the dishes are prepared from ingredients that will not harm health.

It would be good to give up ready meals and even some semi-finished products to prepare them, because we are not completely sure if there are no allergens in them. Prepared mixtures of spices (for meat), soups (sour soup, white borscht in a bag), cakes in which we often find wheat flour, nuts, lactose, citruses. Therefore, it is better to stick to the rule: do not eat something that we are not sure of - it will help you survive the holidays without health surprises.

Don't give in to family persuasion

Most allergy sufferers realize that allergen intake is dangerous to his health and even life. It is worse with children. How do you refuse grandma who insists on tasting a delicious cheesecake? It is best to categorically indicate that your child has allergies, and avoiding the allergen even in small amounts is primarily a matter of his health. And if we are going to visit and we are not sure that we will find there dishes recommended for us, it is better to take your own food with you.

How to prepare a safe dish for an allergy sufferer? Use substitutes

Holidays are to be a pleasure and not a punishment, so dishes should be prepared with heart and, most importantly, do not differ from those "not for allergy sufferers". And if there are children in the house, it is better not to prepare a separate menu, but to compose it so that the whole family can eat it.

And so when preparing dishes it is best to use old, proven recipes and use a non-allergenic substitute if necessary. It's always easier than experimenting with new recipes that usually don't go out.