Where to shop for the family?

As every week, below we present the best offers from the most popular stores. Browse and decide where to go shopping.


  • Bebiko 2 next milk for infants over 6 months old at the price of PLN 29.99 instead of PLN 35.99 for 800 grams in Rossmann,
  • Nan milk 800 grams at Tesco for PLN 37.99. The same milk at Polo Market at PLN 32.39 when buying two pieces price for one piece
  • Humana milk 800 grams at Tesco for PLN 39.99 instead of PLN 49.99,
  • Bobovita dinner twice 190 grams in Rossmann for PLN 7.49 instead of PLN 9.99
  • BoboVita deserek 2 × 125 grams in Rossmann for 4.49 zlotys instead of 5.99 zlotys
  • Babydream dessert in Rossmann 3.19 zlotys for 190 grams
  • Babydream bio dinner 250 grams in Rossmann for PLN 4.49
  • Babydream bio juice in Rossmann at PLN 3.79 instead of PLN 4.49
  • Three Hipp fruit desserts 190 grams in Rossmann and the fourth one for free (only with Rossna card)
  • Gerber soup or dinner 190 grams at the Polo Market at PLN 3.99 for one piece when buying two
  • Gerber dessert of various types at Polo Market 125 grams at the price of 2.69 zlotys for one piece when buying 4

Hygienic accessories

  • Babydrean care wipes in Rossmann for PLN 1.99
  • Liliputz toilet paper for children moisturized in Rossmann at a price of 6.99 PLN instead of 8.49 PLN
  • Pampers Sleep and Play diapers in Kaufland for 29.99 (while stocks last),
  • Pampers Economy Box Plus diapers at Tesco for PLN 74.99, with a Clubcard PLN 69.99
  • fabric conditioner Jelp Sensitibe in Kaufland

Promotion time:

Rossmann from 28/02/2015

Kaufland from 26/02 to 04/03/2015

Tesco 26/02/04/2015

Net 21.02-10.03.2015

Polo Market 25.02.-03.03.2015