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Fears on lachy, or chilling grandma stories

Fears on lachy, or chilling grandma stories

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Grandmother has an important place in human life. Warm, caring, caring. As children, we love to spend holidays and vacation with her. Grandmothers usually allow more than parents. They turn a blind eye to pranks, treat them with sweets.

Pajda bread with cream and sugar, apple marmalade, pancakes for soda - these are dishes that many of us refer to as "childhood flavors". These "flavors" also include what today brings a smile to your face, while many years ago it worked on our imagination- terrible stories with which grandmothers brought us to order and saved us from dangerand sometimes ... they just played at our expense. I remind you of a few popular "grandchildren scarecrows":

Sinister Yeast

Almost everyone had the opportunity to hear chilling stories of murderous hot yeast dough. "Twist of the bowels", diarrhea, stomach ache and even death - this is what happened to the unfortunate who would steal grandma's sheet of a piece of hot cake. Modern science does not find connections between hot dough and intestinal obstruction. Of course, there are people whose stomach will not cope with such a challenge, but it depends on our individual circumstances. After all, some of us do not digest lactose or gluten, others struggle with allergies. Hot yeast dough, however, is not more dangerous to anyone than the same cooled. Evidence? Pizza, yeast pancakes, all kinds of pancakes, stuffed patties - all these dishes combine one thing - they contain a lot of yeast and they taste best when hot.

Harmful sipping

According to many folk superstitions, water can be a devilish invention. Drunk after eating fruit is to cause poisoning and diarrhea. We can explain this myth in several ways. Firstly - contrary to popular belief, we have better quality drinking water. Cleaner and free of pathogenic bacteria. Secondly, often the cause of the problems lies in the fruit itself - eating a large amount of fiber-rich foods can cause diarrhea, while bacteria on poorly washed fruit - poisoning. Our grandmothers, who often see the causes of diseases in the cold today, not in viruses and bacteria, preferred to blame the water. Years ago, poor-quality water could actually cause poisoning, but the combination of sinister action with fruit has never been justified.


The hangman on the beater was one of the courage tests. According to the children. Grandma thought it was a simple way to cause a brain hemorrhage. Today, hanging your head down is practiced in yoga and sport. And to all who are afraid that grandmother was right, I remind you of the feat of an American magician: in 2008 he hung his head down for 60 hours without a break. And he is still alive!

Cry eyes. Bad luck

The crying of the eyes was to consist of the wear of the pupils or the emergence of eyeballs. Every family is a different tradition. Some grandmothers really believed in this possibility, for some it was only a way to calm the crying grandson. Another interesting myth is also the one that assumed that frightening a man doing strabismus will cause that strabismus will stay in our face permanently. Who among us has not heard: do not do so, because you will remain! Of course, none of these threats had a chance to come true, which does not mean that they did not drive us fear.

Diuretic fire

Playing with fire can be dangerous. According to some grandmothers, not only fun, but also just looking at the fire can have deplorable results. The child, staring at the fire, was supposed to ... get wet at night. The relationship of flames to the bladder has not been clarified to this day.