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A hand of hope

A hand of hope

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Do you know this photo? Hand of Hope, or the hand of hope ...

The photo first appeared on USA Today on September 7, 1999

The picture shows the handle of 21-week-old Samuel, who was given very little chance of survival, and the hand of a brave doctor who noticed a chance where others saw the end.

Joseph Bruner undertook something that many thought was too risky. Intrauterine spina bifida surgery began with the classic laparotimia modo Pfannenstiel, uterus extraction and a small incision through which the doctor operated on the spine of tiny Samuel.

At the moment Joseph was finishing the operation, Samuel put his hand out and took his finger (this moment was immortalized in the photo, published in HD version). This moment is still remembered by the doctor as a thank you for the gift of life. Bruner remembers him as the greatest moment in his career and even ... his life.

The doctor stood paralyzed for a moment, thanks to which he managed to take this picture, which he grasps by the heart today.

The operation was successful, Samuel is a teenager who loves swimming today. Samuel's mother, a nurse, years later draws attention to the amazing aspect of this story - she knows that both she and the child were anesthetized. However, he adds, "I don't care. For me, this photo will always have a deeper meaning. "