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To-Go so that tiny hands always have warmth

Winter is coming.

Already now the hands of more sensitive people (for example mine and my children :)) just in the morning when the time to go to kindergarten comes, they are cool. No wonder the temperature drops. That's why it's time to think about gloves.

However, when the gloves season begins, the time of losing them begins. Also those left in a jacket on strings, forgetting to take them home. Therefore, a simple idea seems to be this simple, and at the same brilliant patent - keeping gloves on special small braces.

To-Go, because we are talking about this product, has sizes suitable for the purpose, therefore it is suitable for use by small and large. It is a very practical pendant that holds gloves firmly in the right place, and at the same time is made of safe and durable materials (read more). It is a great substitute for strings, which are too long, easy to pull out, and even a tear, and at the same time they can not always be fastened to the jacket well, so it happens that they slide out. The pendant with two pins (on both sides) has no such defects.

In addition, ToGo can be used to attach a blanket to a pram, toys, etc.
The suggested price for the product is PLN 24.90

Producer LullaLove