Pharmaceris M, Bustfirm

Pharmaceris M, Bustfirm

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Pharmaceris M, Bustfirm is a firming cream for breast care during pregnancy and feeding. You can get it in almost every pharmacy. The cost is about 45 zlotys (for 100 ml). Let's not hide that it's quite a lot. The more that this price should be included in the monthly fund, because the preparation twice applied each day, lasts for about 30 days. Rather average performance. However, what are the other features of this preparation?

Let's start with the pros:

  • the cosmetic has a consistency of cream, absorbs quickly, does not leave an oily surface on the skin
  • odorless (can be used from 4 months of pregnancy and during breastfeeding)
  • good hydration
  • leaves the skin smooth, velvety, pleasant to the touch
  • convenient packaging with a pump (after pressing the packaging, exactly as much preparation as needed is needed)
  • contains rapeseed oil (EFA), vitamin E, paraffin, glycerin,
  • reduces the risk of stretch marks


  • the basic minus is the fact that the manufacturer recommends washing it before feeding, which can be tedious
  • moreover, you may think that a product in this edition is not necessary. For future mothers whose breasts do not grow significantly, it may be an unnecessary expense. We would recommend it to those women whose bust is inherently larger, those who have a significantly larger bust in pregnancy, and those who are particularly afraid of stretch marks during pregnancy and feeding.

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