Small child

13 months old - the child walks and climbs

Congratulations, your child reaches the next stages of development, sealing his position in the second year of life. You don't have a baby at home anymore ... This obliges. Each of the sides :)

Most toddlers can now move smoothly, moving from all fours to two legs. A child in the thirteenth month of life is joyful and cheerfully discovers the world, also showing that he has a sense of humor. In addition, his character is becoming increasingly apparent: persistence and consistency in pursuing the goal. This is why he can spend half a day climbing on chairs, sofa or furniture, trying to reach what is out of his reach ...

What can a child thirteen months old do?

By the end of the thirteenth month, most children should acquire a number of motor skills and several important intellectual achievements. First of all, the child should:

  • to stand up,
  • be able to sit up from a standing position,
  • walk alone or move from one place to another, holding on to something,
  • clap your hands
  • express your desires other than through crying,
  • efficiently pick up and hold objects.

If your child can't do the above, it's a signal to consult a doctor. Perhaps nothing disturbing is happening, but you must not ignore the doubt.