When do children start walking?

When do children start walking?

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This question can be answered very simply: "when they are ready". Therefore, it is better not to decide to speed up learning to walk. When the parents do not disturb, everything goes by its natural rhythm and the child achieves readiness to walk in its own time.

Too fast stimulation and encouragement of walking can do more harm than good (the main threat is the formation of abnormal movement patterns and weakness of the muscles and spine).

When does the average child start walking?

Who is the average child? Of course, such a child does not exist. Just as it is difficult to indicate the average woman or average Pole. I am talking about a certain average here. And yes most babies take their first independent steps between thirteen and fifteen months of age.

Early and late walking

Few children start walking as early as eight months old. Some babies probably walk after the tenth month. At the other extreme, however, there are babies who are starting to make independent steps in their sixteenth month and even later.

What is the conclusion?

The most important information is as follows and it is worth remembering.

The fact that the child started walking later does not in any way indicate his level of intelligence. It also does not affect subsequent sporting achievements. In addition, children who start walking later catch up quickly, moving very quickly from careful walking to fast running.

What instead of carrying behind the hands?

Instead of leading a child by the hands, it's worth: