Parent kitty

Buy yourself a pregnancy, or pregnancy tests with a positive result

The popular auction site is full of surprising sales offers. You can bid for a dinner with a handsome dark-haired, prom companion, used underwear, which should be treated as a fetish, not as part of an intimate wardrobe, and even pregnancy tests. And there would be nothing wrong with that, if not for the fact that the evidence of pregnancy comes from another woman and is sent as discreet packages ... To whom?

Why do you need a two-line pregnancy test?

It's the fastest, most convenient and probably the cheapest way to learn about new life that is growing under our heart. Just buy a small box at a nearby pharmacy and perform an uncomplicated pregnancy test in the comfort of your bathroom. From among several types of these very practical products, you can also find "ready-made" products that do not require any interference: showing what many a woman dreams of: two lines. One account owner on Allegro came up with the idea to sell used tests with a positive result.

Honestly and discreetly

Potential customers, having read the auction description, were assured of the reliability of the service that is part of the transaction. Deciding to buy a used test, we receive a product, which proves that its owner just before shipment just pissed on it, which allowed to obtain a positive result, confirming pregnancy. That is, paying about PLN 20 (exactly PLN 22.99), we get a pregnancy test with two visible dashes in the center of the window.

For whom a positive test?

What was the author's real goal? I don't want to believe that her product is intended for entertainment purposes only. I prefer not to imagine the face of a man to whom a partner hands a test purchased at auction, giving evidence that they will soon be happy parents.

If, in fact, a couple tries to get a child and a woman wants to "compensate" for failed attempts, monthly disappointment, have something that she could boast about her loved onesto silence any speculation, curtail rumors or uncomfortable questions, such a "gift" could do more harm than good. How do you explain the subsequent lack of stomach? One deception gives birth to another, and this is a short way to fall into a spiral of lies.

I am also worried about other possibilities of this test. Knowing life and human ingenuity, I would not be surprised if the trade in evidence of pregnancy appeals to fraudsters who they try to entrap a man, force him to marry and using a child for it. If, unfortunately, they are not in a blessed state, such an offer may seem like a great solution. After all, one can always hope that the would-be daddy will not demand a more reliable confirmation of pregnancy, such as a visit to a gynecologist.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Some say it is demand that drives supply. So, if there really wasn't a demand for this type of products, nobody would offer them? Who will be tempted by the intriguing offer of the ingenious Allegrowka? Will she inspire other pregnant women to earn in this way? Can we then expect to trade in ultrasound photos?