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"Rycerzyk" is a story filled with emotions about the fate of a little boy who is born in a family of a thirsty descendant, in which his parents unsuccessfully tried for a child for a long time. Written with tears in her eyes and often on one breath, she directly describes what happened to the narrators and the characters at the same time for several months, when fate gave them a chance to be mom and dad. On the one hand, it is joy, on the other, constant fear for the child's life and health. It is hope and fear, happiness and an attempt to understand a higher goal. This is a great challenge in which the world surprises and punishes us to face a reality that nobody expected. Does this mean that you have to feel guilty, treated unfairly, or should your love for your child be less, as some people suggest?

"Knight" is really a story full of emotions that allows you to understand at least a little bit of the great challenges facing parents of children born with genetic diseases. It is difficult to review in a traditional way, talk about the style of the story, its artistic and substantive values ​​for the average reader. It cannot be assessed in this way. It has to play a completely different role.

It is supposed to sensitize, give hope, show a part of reality, distant, difficult for most of us, and closer to some than ever expected. Finally, it is to be a souvenir, a tribute to a child who lived a short but dignified life in the warmth of love of parents and loved ones. took patronage over the book.