Time for mom

"Your every word changes life"

"Someday your child will spread his wings, it depends on you whether he will fly"

This is the slogan of this year's social campaign of the Parents of the Future Foundation:


The wings symbolize freedom, unlimited possibilities, let you rise up, rise above the ground - above average. The size of the wings reflects the opportunities that they give their owner. Small wings don't let you fly high, sometimes even at all. Large wings give unlimited possibilities. Their owners can be sure of their skills, their strength, they can believe in themselves.

People are often said that "Someone spread their wings" or "someone has their wings cut off". Exactly that words spoken by a parent can wing the child or cut his wings.

Up to the age of six, a child unconditionally believes in every word he or she hears from a parent. He will believe that he "draws beautifully", "runs really fast" or "is a very clever child" as well as being a "geek", "clumsy", "spoils everything" and "brings shame to his parents." It is up to parents whether their child will develop wings in adulthood. A child who experiences emotional violence will probably never spread his wings.

That is why it is so important to choose words carefully when talking to your child. Because every word a parent changes his child's life. Awareness of the importance of the way the child communicates with him, the choice of words, gestures, tone of voice or facial expressions is the goal of this year's social campaign of the Parents of the Future Foundation.

The conscious parent test

As part of the campaign prepared free online Conscious Parent Test shared at //testy.rodziceprzyszlosci.pl/przemoc-emocjonalna/

The test has an interesting, accessible form, contains 12 questions regarding phenomena of emotional violence. His goal is not to evaluate people who fill him, but to encourage them deepen their knowledge, to verify current views and behaviors, to search for new solutions in communication with the child. The test bear expert commentarywhich allows conclusions to be drawn regarding the answers given.

As part of the campaign also prepared series of educational films constituting the Parent's Vademecum are available at www.rodziceprzyszlosci.pl as well as a series of articles posted on parenting websites that support the campaign.

Actions taken are described on the blog available on the Foundation's website and on the profile on facebook.com. Additional activities are video materials made available on You Tube as well as TV and radio spots broadcasting on the campaign's patron television and radio stations.

Be Conscious Parent - complete the free test at //testy.rodziceprzyszlosci.pl/przemoc-emocjonalna/
Join us on facebook www.facebook.com/Rodzice.Przyszlosci

Remember that your every word changes your life.

Project co-financed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy as part of the FIO operational program.

Sosrodzice.pl took patronage over the action.