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Mom at home vs mom at work

Mom at home vs mom at work

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In an ideal world, a mother should spend as much time with her child as they both need. She should be the witness of the first words spoken by the toddler, the first steps. At the same time, focus on self-development, fulfillment of extramaternal desires and plans. The reality can be different. A perfect mother who has "everything" does not exist. You have to choose, look for compromises and accept the fact that there is always "something at the expense of something".

Mom goes back to work

End of maternity leave. Mom, who plans a career in her current work, returns to her duties. Is something losing? Not much if he works part-time. Unfortunately, we rarely can afford this number of hours. Most mothers have to work full time because of their financial situation, relatively few can do part of their duties at home. The rest is doomed to a 9-10 hour separation from a child. Let's face it, for most of us it's sacrifice. Especially when there is overtime, working weekends, etc. Guilt is also not foreign to a working mother. In the latter, "friendly" comments help: have you left him? It's so tiny! Poor thing! Yes, CASTING a child is the main accusation of opponents of the professional work of young mothers.

What does a working mother lose?

We go to extremes in this topic. On the one hand, we can read / hear the opinion that a working mother lost all precious moments of motherhood, hurt her child, was not a real mother. On the other hand, it's the only right way for a modern woman, that a nursery is a place for a year-old woman, and "keeping" such at home will turn him into an antisocial, wild creature hiding behind a mamin skirt. As usual, the truth lies somewhere in the middle ...

Watching our children progress is proud. A mother who only spends evenings with her child will inevitably miss some important moments. She has a good chance that she will miss her first words, steps, first attempts.
Many believe that such daily, long hours of separation from the child is not conducive to building a truly deep relationship of toddler with mother. Of course, if the working mom stays away from the child 4 hours during the day, she will successfully make up for "lost" time. What about mothers who work for 9-10 hours of absence? It's hard to deny that being together, spending time together, and closeness have an impact on building relationships.

The presence of the mother gives the child a sense of security. In many moments of a baby's life, this sense of security is at a premium. Saying goodbye to the teat, teething, getting to know new places, people, painful fall - these are all situations in which the presence of our mother soothes, helps and calms down. A child of a working mother cannot always count on a "magic" kiss to relieve pain.

Mum at home. Parental leave

Women choosing this path are often referred to as lazy and not ambitious. Alternatively, they are martyrs devoting their professional and social lives to the altar of motherhood. Certainly, there are also such, but for most mothers "sitting" such a state of affairs is a thoughtful choice. They want to spend the first 2-3 years of a child's life with him. If the financial situation allows them, this period can be a really beautiful start of the mother-child relationship. All the positives? Of course not!