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Pregnancy / Childbirth

What does uterine hyperextension mean?

During the standard gynecological ultrasound examination on the description we can read about uterine flexion. And the question immediately arises, is the uterine hyperextension the norm, or maybe the pathology? Fortunately, it turns out to be the first. The uterus is not "simple" The uterus looks like a pear, but inverted.
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Small child

A cake for a two year old

It is not true that only the first birthday of our child should be special. It is worth making every effort to ensure that the holiday of a young man is remembered for a long time. However, before you start planning the ceremony, think about what cake you will treat the birthday boy and his guests with. For the annual baby, the biggest attraction will certainly be a candle, traditional in the shape of a number, or a fountain of sparks, which will provide a spectacular view.
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Solarium only for adults. The Sejm adopted the law

On September 15, 2017, the Sejm adopted a health-promoting law prohibiting the use of solariums for minors. In addition, posters informing about the harmfulness of using lamps will have to be hung in every salon offering tanning. During tanning in a solarium, human skin is exposed to UV radiation up to 15 times higher than during classic tanning.
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Name after grandparents / great grandparents? A beautiful tradition?

Until the ancestor's name was still a few hundred years ago, an important tradition from which there were no exceptions. Few wondered whether the name liked or not, whether it suited the newborn or not necessarily. It was known that a child would be born after his grandmother or grandfather. With time, loved ones were honored in this way, giving a second name after the ancestor, and the first - chosen by their parents.
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